Sunday, October 20 2019

iPhone 5: thinner, faster and better. Really!?

Today, I learned about the release of Apple’s iPhone 5, and its official launch on Sept 21. The new version will feature 8MP camera, a faster A5 chip and better multitasking capabilities.

Well as a prank, and perhaps to prove that it’s really all just in our minds, television host Jimmy Kimmel decided to take to the streets with an iPhone 4S to ask the average passerby what they thought about the new iPhone 5, and based on their comments, it seems that pretty much all of them thought that the iPhone 4S was the iPhone 5, and even made comments about how it was “thinner” and “faster”.

This prank illustrates the concept of “sustaining” innovation, that’s one that is no longer disruptive and does not create new markets. Rather, Apple evolves existing iPhone device with better value, allowing other companies within to compete against each other’s sustaining improvements.

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